I need a Pink Sheep Skin, but don't we all?

Ever since I saw this all I want to do is go to Ikea get me a sheep skin and dye it pink!  It could be done right? What is it about pink fluffy things anyway?  If I'm feeling brave during Thanksgiving break I will try it and let you know how the experiment goes. But I'm not sure I have a large enough pot to do this....hmmmm....While I think this through here are a few links before you go off on your Thanksgiving vacation.


Gift Guide || Stocking Stuffers (under $30!)

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I can't even believe I'm posting this, but since next week I plan on taking it easy on the blogging side I thought I could help you all get started thinking about little presents for all those loved ones on your list.  I hope you find these helpful. And if you have suggestions for specific gift guides let me know!


World's Best Cranberry Chutney

world's best cranberry chutney, recipe, food, thanksgiving
world's best cranberry chutney, recipe, food, thanksgiving

Can you believe Thanksgiving is only a week away!?  Oh my! We are in full swing planning our menu, but I had to share this recipe with you and really hope you will try it this holiday season because it is AMAZING.  Our very good and old family friends (I'm talking the equivalent of family) make this chutney every year.  We usually spend either Christmas or Thanksgiving with them, and even if we don't they always send along a jar of their famous cranberry chutney.  We await this care package as if it were a gold shipment or something just as precious. We have been celebrating alongside this delicious chutney for over 35 years! I asked permission to share this recipe with you all since its a cherished family secret, so know this post is an act of love toward you all and is the Thanksgiving turkey's best friend.


Printing your Memories || Instantly Framed

Simplification is a good thing this time of year.  With so many errands to run right before the Holidays any little extra help is greatly appreciated and can go a long way.  We have our homes to prepare for the holidays and for family coming into town, school gatherings to volunteer in, festive functions to attend, family recipes to make, gifts to start crossing off the list....you are probably on the same boat and know exactly what I'm talking about. When I found out about Instantly Framed I was pleasantly surprised.  They can print, frame and ship any photo from your phone, Instagram, or Facebook account.  If you have a cute photo you want to print and frame there is no easier way to get it done. And for those hard-to-gift people on your list this is a great alternative.  Instantly Framed will print, frame and ship it for you. Isn't it ideal? 


Interior Design || Julie Hillman

I discovered designer Julie Hillman through this jaw-dropping dining room.  And after looking through her portfolio I realized I had been a long time admirer of hers without knowing it as I recognized many of her creations.  I fell in love with this particular project, the designer's restored farm house in the outskirts of New York, mainly because of the the fabulous modern art and photography. Also, the perfectly selected furniture and lighting combined with more organic pieces help.  But, back to this amazing marble dining table- what a beauty!  And where can I get fur skins with that coloring? Ok, here is more-


Weekend Sales

A few fun sales are happening this weekend and I wanted to keep you in the know.  I owe you a cranberry chutney recipe that is To Die For and that you must make for your Thanksgiving celebration. I do hope to prepare it and take photos this weekend...so I can share with you next week.  Also, since this is the eating season I made the best bolognese sauce last night that we all devoured.  Make it...your family will love you (even the kids! and it has tons of veggies) and P.S. I made it without the pancetta and it was delicious.  

Ok, so on to the sales- 


Party Flats

[ 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 ]

[ 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 ]

These flats are embellished, shiny and oh so chic.  They have nothing to envy those fancy heels this holiday season. Thanks to these fabulous designers you can be chic, festive and comfortable all at the same time.  They are all so cute, I wouldn't know which ones to pick as my favorites! 
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