Friday Finds

Dallas feels like heaven right now. The temperatures are a bit chilly in the mornings and just right in the middle of the day.  Fall is in the air, pumpkins are everywhere and blazer season is here.  I could not be happier.  I hope you are all enjoying fall wherever you are as well.  I have a few finds for you today-


Sales || Fall Essentials

Shopbop has a fabulous sale going on where everything (well, most everything) is 25% off with code FAMILY25.  But hurry because it is only through the end of today.  Here are a few of my favorites-


One Room Challenge || Week Three - walk-in closet

Lilac it is my friends!!  And boy am I loving it! If you are new and don't know what the One Room Challenge is it was started by Linda from Calling it Home some years ago.  In this challenge she lines up twenty talented interior designers and professional bloggers to redo a room in their home in just six weeks- we update you once a week on Wednesdays. And today is Wednesday!  (in case you missed them here are this round's previous posts- one and two).

To refresh your memory I am doing my walk-in closet.  At first, my plan included pink walls, then I wanted gray and finally decided on lilac. LOVE, LOVE, ADORE....But it was hard to chose the perfect lilac...


Rose and Ivy || The Launch

I'm so excited to share with you the launch of a new online lifestyle quarterly magazine called Rose and Ivy. It is filled with amazing recipes (like the crepe and blueberry cake pictured above. Doesn't it make you almost want to lick the screen?), fashion editorials, shoppable trends, articles on beauty, and interiors.   Rose and Ivy is the brainchild of Alison who was one of my first blog friends. I'm just so proud of her as this project really blends all her loves and talents into this work of art that is Rose and Ivy. This is an impressive labor of love.  Her photography and styling are absolutely breathtaking throughout. Come read this first volume that is inspired by still lives- it will elevate your soul.


Food || Quinoa Cookies

Baking is such a normal part of life around here that I usually forget to blog about it because it's just what we do. If we want sweets, we make them. And most of the time things are eaten and enjoyed before they have even cooled from the oven. This definitely means there is no time for food styling or photograph taking.  A good friend of mine came to lunch the other day and for dessert I offered her one of these cookies.  She pointed out that she had not seen them on the blog and that she wanted the recipe.  So here it is for you all enjoy.


Happy Friday

What a beautiful bag!! It is Celine and only available in stores.  But I thought you all should know that it exists. Amazing, right? So, it's Friday....we have a wedding this weekend of family members we don't know. ha! We know many family members at the wedding, but not the bride and groom. Is that weird?  Nonetheless I'm ready to celebrate, dance and drink a little. Just a few links-

||  Just add a glass to these and you have the coolest coffee table in your block.

||  This precious trench coat for only $43?

||   Brooches are the next biggest thing. Beat the trend. This one is a beauty.

|| A new diet philosophy?

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On My Mind || Books, Red Fringe and Other Beauties

I would love to own these red suede fringe shoes! Oh my! So fun, daring and sexy.  Of course, one could only wear them on a very sunny and clean day, otherwise I don't even want to picture the fringe!  Hmmm..... This table in that color is a must. Someone, please!  
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