(Buffalo) Check It Twice

I am really enjoying seeing that Buffalo Checks ( a pattern with contrasting 2 or 3 color blocks) are starting to trend in a "non-country" kind of a setting.  It is now looking preppier and even sophisticated. The pattern is lively, cozy and brave.  I think if used correctly it can even look modern and refined.


Fun Plates and Links

Nothing like some fun plates to add humor and whimsy to your table.  This cute little bird reminded me of this and this fabulous plate collection. Mix in some greenery and mixed drinks and you have the perfect set-up for an unforgettable evening!  A few links for the weekend-


CURRENTLY COVETING || Scalamandre Pillows and More

The intricate detail and whimsical design of this Dawn Wolfe butterfly print is a magical additional for any space. This fabulous petal pendant by Kalmar from thr 60's makes a delicate statement. This pink and gold bench by Moss Studio has a fun and chic design to make any space more feminine and fun.  Two of these pillows would be my IDEAL Valentine's day present.  I love the fabric, color and shape.  I have been dreaming about them for a few years now. Some.Day. #WishfulThinking. 


Sweet Valentine's Ideas

One of the fun parts of any holiday is the anticipation.  There are so many fun things you can do, make, bake....before Valentine's to indulge in the moment and make it even more special.  Make a pretty pink and red bowl of popcorn on your next movie night.  Instead of a formal dessert make these easy chocolate covered spoons and these adorable treat bags by the fabulous Brynn of Dandy and Fine Party are perfect to make with your little ones.


The 7 Best Gold-Legged Desks

Gold, gold gold.  It's been a few years since my obsession began and I still can't get enough of it.  My current desk does have a brass sculptural piece to it which I really love and after seeing Marlien Rentmeester's desk, of the blog  Le Catch, in her newly renovated office I was inspired to round-up my favorite desks with gold legs.  Obviously Marlien's desk, pictured above, is dynamite but here are a few other options as well-


Something Blue

Two things I adore about this kitchen by Sarah Richardson- it doesn't feel like a kitchen and and it is very different and unique.  I love a kitchen that is an extension of a home's aesthetic and that presents itself as perfectly integrated to the home. Depending on the angle, this kitchen could look like a dining room, a bedroom even and of course a kitchen. It is comfortable, homey and so unique.  With so many images out there, blogs and sites such as pinterest the imagery overload we get is massive and people start decorating the same way...same fabric, same chair, same artwork.....and after a while many people's homes start looking similar, with no real personality shining through. In this environment it is very refreshing to see a design that is truly it's own!  See more-


Currently Coveting || Valentine's Day Treats

So, I guess we can say it is Valentine's Week here on the blog since every post has been about Valentine's.  But it's such a fun day isn't it? Some sweet and pretty treats for your besties, mammas and loved ones. Here are the details-
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