On My Mind || Tropical Parrots and other Things

I am longing for the tropics as you might be able to tell from the lush greens in this post.  This parrot necklace is quite provocative, chic and just so much fun.  Ideal for any beach getaways you have planned if you are not afraid to wear something like it.  I love wearing interesting pieces like this and would wear it proudly.  If earrings are more your thing they have them too!  Now, let's talk about this cookbook.


Interiors || Parisian Apartment

There is nothing like a classic Parisian apartment complete with gilded moldings and ceilings, fabulous parquet floors and contemporary furniture.  Designed by Klavs Rosenfalck, this apartment is pure bliss.  Everything had to be redone, even the fun stuff like all the plumbing and electrical work.  The hooks from where the chandeliers used to hang were not even electrified which meant that the they were lit with candles previously.  The sexy sofa which brakes up all the straight lines of the moldings and the floor is by Vladmir Kagan (his designs are very cool.  If you don't know his work you can get a sense for his sexy pieces here).


Art To Outfit || Color & More Color

Since we are covered in ice here in Dallas and Spring Break is just a couple of weeks away I can't help but think of the colorful seasons coming up.  This beautiful painting by Stephanie Lessing is so bright and vibrant that it fills me with joy and hope for the warmer weather ahead.  You may remember when I introduced you to Stephanie's work here.  Well, ever since I saw this painting in person I can't stop thinking about it and so it inspired today's very.colorful.outfit.  Can we start with the skirt?  Uhm, I haven't seen such a pretty floral in a very long time.  I just love the color combination.  The top is simple and chic and could easily become a summer staple to wear with everything from shorts to jeans.


It's in the (Bucket) Bag

Back in May of 2013 I wrote this post on the revival of the bucket bag.  And now a year and a half later the bucket bag is trending even stronger.  I have to admit that I have not yet taken my vintage Louis Vuitton bucket bag out of the closet yet but will this weekend!  I actually can't wait. It will love seeing the light of day after more than 15 years in the closet. 

The bucket bag has a beautiful and practical shape. Now so many brands have their version that you can find a perfect option for your self at pretty much any price point.  Here are my faves-


On My Mind || Neutrals (ish)

I know I don't talk about neutrals much around here, but I do like them. And certainly after the festival of colors I witnessed at the Greenbrier last weekend neutrals were feeling very welcoming today.  So here are a few neutral things I have on my mind.

I recently came across artist Lana Gomez's work and have to say I have fallen madly head over heels for her work.  Her paintings are cool and rebellious and I love every single one of them.  Lana worked with Kelly Wearstler and has done numerous collaborations with her.  See her work here.  I would love to invest in one of her pieces for my family room.  Negotiations with my husband shall commence. These New Balance sneakers are on my way to me!!  I'm so excited about the gold details.  They are perfect for those casual spring and summer days.


11 Decor Tips Inspired by the Greenbrier

We loved our trip to the Greenbrier.  We had a fabulous time and really enjoyed every single minute.  It even snowed for us (for which we had our fingers crossed) and we were able to make snow angels, build a snowman and even have a snowball fight or two.  Little Miss A was very pleased since we live in Dallas, home of mild winters and had not seen snow yet this winter (so sorry for those who have seen way too much this year). Since there are so many beautiful and professional photos of the Greenbrier, I decided to share with you a few interior design tips inspired by the Greenbrier's decor that we can all take into our homes accompanied by some of my iphone photos so you can visualize.  Here are the tips:

1 ||  American federal giltwood convex mirrors (like the one above) are regal and imposing (or just super chic). Now I'm very obsessed with them and think my formal living room would greatly benefit from one of these.  Here are a few antique ones I found would be ideal.

2 || Hunter green walls are fabulous and can be softened up with a pretty floral fabric. 


Fornasetti Plates

I have wanted a Fornasetti plate for quite a few years now.  I love how they are a mix of the old world with a graphic modern feel. And they are so inventive and they represent for me an invitation for your imagination to take-off. I especially find them captivating if placed in a grouping.  They tell quite a different story when grouped together.  I'm in the process of thinking about a little corner of my home which will be black and white, and a couple of these plates would make this space just perfect.  Piero Fornasetti, the Milanese designer behind these plates was inspired by the face of an Opera singer, Lina Cavalieri (you can read more about her here).  Hers is the face that we see over and over again in his works. Take a look at how others have been inspired to dress up their home in them-
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