On My Mind || True Blue

Blue is such a neutral.  It is perfect for everyday and any home looks ideal with blue hues.  I painted my living room a dark blue and I want to be there all day. It's so soothing.  Ok, that cape is just ideal isn't it?  I feel like a cape can elevate your regular jeans and white shirt to chic and sophisticated levels. And it's such a classic.

Where Chef's Eat book seems to me to be a perfect present for myself!.  Wouldn't you love to know their favorites?  yes, please!  The Foo Dog lamps are such a pretty blue. And the ikat x benches are so fun.  I think this Alexander Wang bag confidently goes with anything and everything.  Ayayay....I can tell practicing shopping moderation will be hard this fall.

What are you currently coveting?  Any blue fabulousness I should know about?


Tray Chic || One Tray Three Ways

Do you love trays as much as I do?  Trays are one of my favorite home decor accessories because they are multifunctional- they are perfect for a grand breakfast in bed, or for table styling or even for creating a makeshift bar.  I'm in love with this malachite fabric tray by Decorum. It's light, chic and really upgrades its surroundings no matter where you use it or what you use it for.  Here, I'm presenting this one tray in three ways- for breakfast in bed, styled on a table and as a bar helper.  I like my accessories to work double-time.


Best Housewarming Gifts (for your really good friends)

I love house warming gifts!  I have been in the receiving end recently and cannot lie-they are fun to get.  Even though I have not had a house warming party yet my sweet friends and family have been so generous with their gifts.  Some of these gifts made the list above and others were so unique to us that they would not make sense to add them here.  


Blog Hop || The Writing Process

Happy Monday sweet friends!  I was tagged by the lovely Elizabeth from The Little Black Door for the Blog Hop to answer some questions about my writing process.  Ever since I discovered Elizabeth's blog I have admired her style, her bold use of color and her pattern mixing (plus her writing is very entertaining).  I would say her style is traditional but with a touch of whimsy and she always, always creates a unique look. Here are a few more shots of her beautiful home.



Taking a little girls' trip this weekend. I am meeting one of my good college friends whom I haven't seen in 6 years!  This is way too long. We are meeting in a beautiful place I can't wait to explore.  Follow me on Instagram for more deats.

Any big plans this weekend?  


Casual Tailgating || Homemade Pizza with Franks, Pineapple and Herbs

I'm using football season as an excuse to come up with a fun and delicious tailgating recipe.  In my mind pizza, franks and football just go hand in hand perfectly, don't you think?  And since I love pampering my guests only homemade pizza dough will do.  I don't think there is anything more delicious. Homemade dough elevates the pizza from fast-food to divine.  Add some Hebrew National hot dogs and pineapple as toppings and some home-grown herbs like rosemary and you have an explosion of flavors to keep you rooting for your team. Hebrew National are where are loyalties lie when it comes to franks and the ones we use to treat our friends because quality ingredients are very important to us.  Plus they are just so delicious. 

On My Mind || Fun Things

When I see a piece of clothing I like before buying it I ask my self "could this become my uniform?" Most things in my closet really go on heavy rotation and I'm getting much better at knowing if I will really get my money's worth for a specific piece.  This Cynthia Rowley dress is so fun, chic, different, comfortable and exciting that I think it would definitely pass the "could it become my uniform?" test.  I'm so in love with it and think it would be so flattering on any body type.  Plus the colors and fabric choices are just perfect.  Enough about the dress right?  Here are a few other things -
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