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Have you seen photos of our old house?  Well, it was filled with color to the top. I mean fuchsia curtains, light blue walls, green sofa.....and this was just the living room.  I really loved how all the colors worked together and we enjoyed living in this space every single minute.  But now, my home is definitely more muted.  There is color, but I'm finding tranquility in mostly grays, whites and blacks.  Black and white rooms are elegant, peaceful, simple and maybe even a bit sexy.  Here are some fabulous pieces in black and white (the headboard is to die for!) that are sure to inspire you. What do you think?


Everyone Needs a Nude in Their Art Collection

I think every art collection needs a good nude.  Nudes have been an important subject throughout art history- from the Greeks all the way through to contemporary art.  Artists have created nudes to explore different themes like- athletic prowess, the divinity of procreation, mathematical proportions, seduction, fantasy...among many others. The female body has always been a focal point.  In my small and humble art collection I was missing a good nude. 

I have a couple of male nudes framed that I drew in my high school figure drawing class which I love, but they didn't feel official.  When I did my One Room Challenge in the fall a nude in my closet seemed liked a brilliant idea.  It was Jennifer from The Pink Pagoda who suggested it, and genius it was! And I have to say that I love my nude more and more everyday.  She has really become part of my life.  Going into my closet feels like a sweet respite. So, I'm here to insist that if you don't have a nude already you need to get crackin' and find one!

Here are a few rooms I loved with nudes-


Jewelry || Ashley Pittman

There is a lot of buzz in Dallas around local jewelry designer Ashley Pittman, so I thought you all needed to know about her too in case you didn't already.  Her line got picked up by Bergdorf's, which is always a good sign, right?  Her cuffs and bangle sets are fierce and totally fabulous. 

It all began when she went to Africa serving as a volunteer for the Clinton Foundation HIV/AIDS initiative in Rwanda and was moved by her experiences there.  She came back inspired to help the locals and put her finance and law degrees to good use. Her collection provides employment and business training to local artisans and through her own foundation she donates 10% of all profits to help fund a rural primary school and a health clinic.  So every purchase is doing good. Her pieces are made from natural horn, fair-trade semi-precious stones, and other materials like bronze indigenous to East Africa. Fabulous jewelry- check, and doing good- check.  I love killing two birds with one stone.


On My Mind || Flower Power

I agree with Ralph Walso Emerson's saying "the earth laughs in flowers".  They are so lovely to look at... to smell. They can soften our moods and hearts almost immediately.  I just love them anywhere and everywhere and now that Spring is only two months away (can you believe it!) we can let ourselves dream a little bit.  I know many of you have probably seen this blue and white family room, but I have loved it from the first moment I saw it and to this day I think about this photo quite often. I just had to share it with you. I discovered this floral skull print only yesterday via Instagram and it led me to a young brazilian artist called Francisco Valle. His work is very cool, see it here. I really like the contrast and negative space.


The Wooden Bathtub

When it comes to bathrooms I'm usually attracted to glamorous ones.  You know, maybe they have some amazing marble, gold accents or some kind of fabulous modern lighting. But there was something about this simple and serene bathroom that I was very attracted to even in its rustic style.  After a moment I realized that it was the spectacular wooden bathtub that really caught my attention. It makes quite the statement.  In my renewed love and respect for bathing (instead of showering) I could not help but admire this sculptural piece designed by Nina Mair.  The tub and basin are carved from a solid blog of aromatic walnut and then refined, polished and oiled by hand. I can envision the bathing experience being magical.


Art || New Etsy Shop - Le Petit Atelier de Nana

I'm really excited to introduce you to a new Etsy shop with original art called Le Petit Atelier de Nana. These paintings are beautiful, vibrant and dynamic. You will love the explosive color combinations and if you love finding new sources of original art for your home you must bookmark this shop.  I love these paintings, but you know what I love even more? The artist.  She is one of my dear, dear friends and her name is Stephanie Lessing.  Not only is she a talented artist, but just such a creative soul in general- aside from painting she also makes the most amazing jewelry and cooks the best dinners.  So, yes, she is a good friend to have. She was the one with whom I made these pearl rings and necklace

Stephanie was born in Paris, grew up on the French Riviera (yes, she is super chic!) and studied in Monaco at the Graduate School of Plastic Arts before entering Ringling College of Art & Design in Florida where she majored in Fine Arts and minored in Photography. She also studied Interior Design and Fashion  and now resides in Dallas, TX which is where I met her almost 7 years ago!  I really do hope you fall in love with these pieces as much as I have.
Here is more of her work-


Friday || Prettiest Pink Restaurant in London

Since I was researching restaurants last week and then pretty pink furniture this week I came across this amazing restaurant in London called Sketch which is comprised of several rooms and ambiances offering different types of food.  The concept was conceived by three-star Michelin chef Pierre Gagnaire and famous restauranteur Mourad Mazouz. This specific room is called The Gallery, a Gastro-Brasserie, which serves tea and dinner. But don't be fooled the other rooms are equally as interesting.  Pink girly heaven indeed.  

I'm really into the monochromatic look lately and this room was just so beautifully executed I cannot help but adore it. Brass and pink really are a match made in heaven.  And how perfect are the shapes of those club chairs?  London needs to be on my list for this summer.  I have been trying to make it happen for a while as I have a good friend who lives there and I would love to visit.  But as luck should have it we have not been able to make our summer plans coincide.  This year, perhaps!
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