Friday is Here

After seeing this photo all I want to do is go buy purple carnations and make a pretty flower crown for my table!  I love the medley of fabrics, patterns and colors.  Well, happy Friday!  Here are some links for you to peruse during the weekend.


On My Mind || Vibrant Prints and Color

It's been hot here in Dallas.  We went from cold and rainy straight to hot.  All of a sudden it feels like summer and we haven't even started April.  With the warmer days always comes the longing for color and vibrant prints which is exactly what I have on my mind today.  The pink dresser could not be any cooler.  I could design a whole room around it.  It comes in blue as well.  These pretty and colorful napkins are $22 for a set of four.  This sounds ideal to me.  Now let's talk pineapples.


Artist Spotlight || Gaspar De Jesús

Let me introduce you to the genius behind this magnificent chair aptly named the Madonna chair.  Gaspar de Jesús is a Venezuelan born artist and furniture designer that is taking the furniture design scene by storm.  I strongly believe this jaw-dropping chair will soon grace one of the famous interior design magazines at some point because it is just too good.  The chair has a flair for the dramatic while at the same time communicating strength, innovation, confidence and femininity.  He created a limited edition of only 10 chairs, so if you want one of these stainless steel beauties you must act fast.

Gaspar studied design at the Pratt Institute in New York, where a few years in a row he was chosen by the faculty to represent Pratt's best student work at the International Contemporary Furniture Fair, which is quite the honor. Gaspar has also experienced one of the most exciting phenomenons of our time- reality TV!  He was one of the finalists in HGTV's Ellen's Design Challenge which aired at the beginning of this year.  Gaspar's design mantra is “Things have a magic way of speaking, make sure your creation has something to say”

And this is true.  I feel like his designs are alive and have fully formed personalities.  Here are some questions I asked Gaspar as well as more photos of his pieces-


Interiors || Jean Liu Design

My good friend introduced me to Jean Liu's portfolio last week and I fell in love right away with her style.  I love how she mixes traditional with modern pieces and can easily navigate between a contemporary sleek home to a more bohemian eclectic styled home.  Make sure you notice the fabulous neon pendants she chose for the the kitchen below. And she is here in Dallas.  It's so nice to discover the local talents of my now adopted city.


Travel || The Galápagos Islands

Finally I have photos of our trip to The Galapagos Islands in Ecuador.  This trip was a feast for the eyes and soul.  It was incredible to visit such an important place and get so close to the wild animals in such a spectacular backdrop.  It was amazing for the kids.  The Galapagos are is an archipelago of volcanic islands in the Pacific ocean off the coast of Ecuador of which they are a part.  These islands are well known because it is where Charles Darwin made observations which contributed to his theory of evolution.  We had been planning this trip with my college roommate and her family for some years.  We were just waiting for our kids to be old enough to appreciate the experience.  This added joy of sharing this trip with such good friends made the trip extra special.  We reminisced about those unforgettable college years non-stop.  Nothing like getting together with your old roommate which I'm lucky to count as one of my best friends!

Some photos were taken with my Nikon D5100 and others are iPhone photos.  I'm sure you will be able to tell which are which.  I will have some travel tips at the bottom.


Happy Friday

Happy Friday!  I hope to have some photos of my trip next week.  It has been difficult to sift through them and chose the better ones and then edit those that need it.  I may or may not be super excited to finally go and see Cinderella with Little Miss A.  Let's see how that pans out.  I hope you have some wonderful plans this weekend.  Here are a few fun links for you-


On My Mind || Straw Clutches and more

I loved the simplicity and organic feel of this dining room.  The chairs are beautiful and the casual pendant gives it that earthy vibe.  Also, I was really inspired by the artwork by Santa Monica-based artist Alison Van Pelt.  This could be a great DIY where you take one photo you love and with a little bit of photoshop magic you can recreate it a similar look. I love Gold and Gray's beautiful jewelry and wear my pearl necklace non-stop.  I think my friends may be tired of me wearing it actually.  And even though this necklace is a similar style I love the white and gray mix of the mother of pearl beads and the baroque pearls.  I love how its classic and trend at the same time.

Nothing shouts summer as much as colorful straw items and these two cute clutches are the proof.  The tassel clutch is easy and practical and the butterfly one is just dreamy. Either of these would certainly make your simple outfit chicer.  The Aestate's evil eye acrylic box is a must have. And this black floral top is fabulous.  It reminds me of a white one I bought last Spring, which I have worn to death.  The dramatic back and pretty print make it stand-out and it seems dressy enough for a cocktail or formal affair.

I hope to have photos of the trip soon.  Let's see!

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